Ice water systems
Ice water systems are required wherever changing load conditions for the refrigerant supply have to be expected.

Ice water systems help to reduce investment and operation costs!
eiswasseranlage.jpg One of the most expensive resources of the media supply in the industry is refrigeration energy.
In order to cover load peaks cost-efficient and safe and to size transformers and refrigeration systems as small as possible, ice water systems are essential even today.
Ice water systems are already known since 1844 and still remain of great importance even with low energy cost.
With increasing energy prices these form systems become more and more attractive.
Without the use of ice storage a lot of cooling processes in production and  process engineering are nowadays nearly impossible.

Heavy changing load conditions around 2°C are only handled in a safe way by using ice storage systems.

Even today most companies have a load-free or load-reduces time during the night that can be used to accumulate ice. During the day this stored ice can be used to cool warm production water. Therefore  refrigerant compressors do not need to be switched on. Alternatively the installed compressor capacity can be used to increase the efficiency. That way the refrigerant system can be sized smaller.

The better a load profile can be determined the better the ice storage system can be sized and the better are the savings.

If you choose an ice bank silo system or a conventional ice bank system depends pn the space and operation conditions.

To control an ice storage system according to your requirements we have special developed programs to optimize your operation.