Refrigerant pumps
WITT refrigerant pumps are specially designed and manufactured for use in refrigeration systems.

Unlike chemical pumps that are compatible/acceptable for refrigerants, WITT refrigerant pumps offer specific advantages for use in refrigeration systems.


Advantages are for example:
  • The ability to deliver gas/liquid mixtures.
  • Therefore the pump is not interrupting the constant flow when gas bubbles occur during switching compressors on or off or loading or unloading evaporators.
  • Top mounted suction connection - Even during operation there is a chance that gas bubbles may form. These gas bubbles should rise unhindered to the surge drum. This is only possible if the suction connection is provided at the top!
  • No further accessories are required, such as orifices or constant flow valves.

Any parts required for use in refrigeration systems are incorporated in the pump design.

Whether open or hermetic refrigerant pumps, WITT is always the right choice!
refrigerant pumps type HRP
HRP3232, HRP5040, HRP5050, HRP8050, HRP10080
Wherever the hermetic execution of a refrigeration system is required, e.g. due to local regulations, WITT hermetic refrigerant pumps of the HRP series are your best choice.

(HRP 5040 Model 0)
Advantages at a glance:
  • Good delivery properties even at fast pressure reduction
  • Hermetic execution of the entire pumps design with integrated canned motor
  • Maximum safety, since the stator housing withstands the high nominal pressure of the pumphousing.
  • Maintenance-free special bearings that are cooled by the delivered refrigerant
  • Integrated, internal vent line to the suction side eliminates expensive external vent piping on site! (Except CO2)
  • No extra orifices required! (Except CO2)
  • Also suitable for CO2 as refrigerant or evaporating coolant.
Good preparations are required for planning and designing of hermetic
constructions. Hence, follow our instruction manual precisely.

refrigerant pumps type GP

GP41, GP42, GP51a, GP51, GP52, GP82
Robust, open standard pumps. Due to the usage of flanged, normed motors, service is very convenient, which is of particular interest in remote countries.

For the use with ammonia these pumps have very good operation characteristics.

Since the pumps are capable to deliver vapour/liquid mixtures they are able of self-recovery .
(GP51 Model KS/ERA)

We supply the full range of accessories

  • stop/return valve ERA
  • Filter KS
  • Pressure gauge
  • and many more....

We deliver the pumps to our customer specific needs, with or without standard flanged motor

Open refrigerant pumps of the GP series are suitable to supply evaporators from a central surge drum in the capacity range 1 to 16m³/h and a delivery head of up to 70m.
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