TH. WITT products
_p0k0252ed.jpg Over 120 years of refrigeration engineering experience applied to bring you customised technical solutions, from a family owned and managed business.
TH. WITT is known as leading supplier of refrigerant pumps and high side float regulators as well as special solutions for the refrigeration industry. Together with this an excellent after sales and support service is offered for all our products.
fertigung.jpg When designing refrigeration equipment, energy efficiency and the environmental health play a key role in our thinking. Components are selected and matched by using TH. WITT’s selection tools it is ensured that the right components are chosen. We build compact units on a frame construction; completely ready for integration on the construction site. That increases your efficiency by shortened installation time and reduced construction site costs.
lagerregal.jpg Drawing on our field experience, we are able to offer you advanced package equipment in the form of pumping stations and plate in shell heat exchanger packages - suitable for natural refrigerants such as Ammonia (NH3) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). These include suited solutions like NH3/CO2 cascade systems for deep temperature refrigeration, as well as packaged heat exchanger sets for process cooling and serial parts (e.g. pumps) from storage.
You can rely on TH. WITT products at any time!