WITT Eco Chiller WEC

The WITT ECO-Chiller is a liquid chiller with a reciprocating compressor used in conjunction with high-pressure float control and a high performance flooded evaporator are perfect for working in fluctuating ambient temperatures.



By using ammonia dimethyl ether blend (R723®) as refrigerant in conjunction with air-cooled condensers with EC fans, our liquid chillers ensure the greatest energy efficiency at full and partial load conditions. These are the advantages we have over the traditional DX liquid chillers commonly sold on the market, which use expansion valves.


Function and performance guarantee

The sturdy frame construction of WITT liquid chillers represent a further compelling factor as it effectively dampens the vibrations created by the reciprocating compressor. The transmission of the structure-borne sound in the building is considerably reduced through the use of frame dampers.


safe investment

Natural refrigerants will be also in the future not regulated by the government.

Energy-efficient plant systems are supported with different Programs by the BAFA. The use of the WITT-Eco-chiller saves your Investment for a long time.

design options

  • water-cooled design
  • heat recovery
  • speed controlled compressor (BAFA)
  • additional noise reduction

R723® (Ammonia dimethylether)

  • azeotropic refrigerant mixture/font>
  • boiling point below single component refrigerant
  • no temperature glide
  • high volumetric cooling capacity
  • low compressor discharge temperatures (approx. 20K)
  • low pressure ratio
  • high oil solubility
  • no mixing gaps above to -20°C
  • high coefficient of performance
  • no ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential = 0)
  • low GWP (Global Warming Potential = 8)