More natural refrigeration for the brewing process

Maxlrain Castle Brewery expands its refrigeration and production capacity



The private Maxlrain Castle Brewery in Bad Aibling, Upper Bavaria, has repeatedly been acclaimed as Germany's Best Brewery, and takes pride in having received the Federal Honorary Award for top rankings in the DLG Quality Tests nine years in succession. The product range offered by the brewery first officially mentioned in 1636 includes among others 15 beer specialities to suit every taste, from export beer, lager and wheat beer via "Märzen" beer through to craft beer specialities. In order to meet the constantly growing demand, Maxlrain was looking for a viable refrigeration solution to expand its production capacities. The existing NH3 / ethylene glycol refrigeration system was causing bottlenecks as the refrigeration capacity was no longer able to cope with the new production targets. Another challenge that came with the project was the requirement to continue using the existing system, despite the lack of space in the machine room for a second system or for a conventional extension of the ammonia system.



Industry: Brewery
Refrigerant: R723© (Ammonia dimethylether )
Refrigerant charge: 40 kg
Cooling capacity: 150 kW
Evaporation temperature: -10°C
Condensing temperature: +40°C max.
(annual average +19°C)
Outside temperature: +12°C


In view of the space constraints in the machine room, the new refrigeration system has been installed outside as a compact water chiller unit. The natural refrigerant R723 is used in the liquid chilling unit and combined with an ethylene glycol water blend in the secondary circuit. One special feature of the system: the selected reciprocating compressor works in combination with a high-pressure float regulator and the flooded high-efficiency evaporator for optimum adjustment to the varying outside temperatures. The air-cooled condenser with EC fans ensures optimum energy efficiency in part and full load. Thanks to refrigerant R723 with its very high volumetric refrigeration capacity, the system achieves a cooling capacity of 150 kW with a very small refrigerant charge of just 40 kg. Furthermore, it provides the viable solution required by the operator because R723 as a natural refrigerant is not affected by the statutory prohibitions in the framework of the European F-Gas Regulation.

Technically mature
GP refrigerant pump with flanged motor has a proven track record of reliability and robustness earned over decades.

The standard coupling of GP pumps enable the use of locally available standard motors. When used properly the double shaft seal will provide a long service life and it is easy changed should the need arrise. All parts are easily accessible and a refurbishment on site can be accomplished in a short time. The ease of maintenance is appreciated by customers around the world. When it comes to longevity GP pumps are unrivalled.


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hdb3_prospekt03.png Stay flexibel
The WITT HDB can be used as an oil drain vessel, or oil distribution vessel to provide multiple compressors with oil, or as supplement/additional oil dome for installation of an automatic oil return system.

Allowed pressure/temperature range
-1/25 bar at +100 °C und -10 °C
-1/18,75 bar at -10 °C bis - 60 °C

Total volume: 39 L
Useable volume: 30 L

Scope of delivery
• HDB vessel in stainless steel, according to AD2000 and PED
• Connection DN40 for supply of refrigerant/oil mixture (ON400)
• Connection DN25 for safety valve (ON610)
• Connection DN40 for BDP/Distribution (ON410)
• Connection DN25 for equalisation line/reserve (ON611)
• Connection G½" min and max. level + screw plugs (ON520/21)
• Ölablassstutzen with EA10GB/VA
• SSV6 quick acting valve for connection to EA10 (supplied loose)
• Thermowell G½" connection for optional electrical heater element (ON510)
• Mounting sockets M12 top and bottom
• Bracket + required fastening materia

Optional equipment scope of delivery
• Electrical heater 200 W element
• Oil sensor G½“ with encased gasket for installation into min/max connections
• Overflow valve
• BDP for automatic oil return incl. Connection-Valve
• EA10GBL/VA for pressure gauge
• Pressure gauge with stand